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JB Florida Process helps with evictions, divorces, and any and all other legal document serving of process needs. Our agent will file your papers for you if you're out of town and file the affidavit of service on your behalf to save you a trip to the courthouse. Mobile notary is often needed to travel to people who don't get around well, we come to rehab centers, people's homes wherever and whenever we are needed we will come assist. We are here to help with anything process serving related!


Process of Service

Serving subpoenas, notices, writs, orders, summons, complaints, and all other legal documents in Citrus County, Marion County, and throughout Florida. Our process servers are fast, dependable, and will work with everyone, no matter the situation.

Email Notifications with Each Attempt

We use efficient process serving software to keep you up to date on the status of your serve. With each attempt at service, you will receive an email notifying you of the circumstances.

Eviction Specialist

Dealing with evictions can be, at best, uncomfortable and, at worst, dangerous. It's best to work with a process serving company that specializes in evictions, the paperwork necessary, and serving tenants.


In most Florida courts e-filing is a more accessible way to file your proof of service and other legal documents with the clerk. As this can be a complicated and time-consuming process, we can electronically file your documents for you once you email them to us.

Courthouse Mailbox for Drop Off in Citrus County

For all of your legal court documents within Citrus County and Marion County Florida.

Mobile Notary

JB Florida Process has a notary public on staff to notarize signatures on any documents requiring them. We can meet you at your office or any other convenient place for your notary needs.

Why Hire a Florida Process Server

According to the Florida State Rules of Civil Procedure, process servers across Florida must be appointed in that county or judicial circuit. Each Judicial Circuit will create an approved list of natural persons that have undergone training and have passed background checks and are designated as special or certified process servers. Hiring an already overburdened governmental agency to deliver your time sensitive court papers such as the Sheriff's Department may result in delays in service. Hire a certified process server where your needs can be met and communication can be made easy.

If you hire a professional process server, they will ensure your documents are legally served in every way. Private process servers have the same legal authority to serve documents as the Sheriff's Departments. There are many laws surrounding service of process in Florida, including serving witness subpoenas, service on a minor, service on state prisoners, service on agents of nonresidents doing business in the state, and many other specific cases. Process servers make it their job to know what can and cannot be served so you don’t have to think about it.

JB Florida Process Specializes in Evictions and Medical Subpoena Services

JB Florida process knows that evictions can be very difficult, legally complicated, and vary from case to case as people are always different. So although we are able to serve all different types of legal documents, we specialize in eviction and landlord cases. Are you having a hard time getting a tenant to leave your house? We will do everything necessary to ensure they are served so you can move forward with legal proceedings. Don’t let your legal eviction process get delayed because of service.

We also specialize in serving medical subpoenas and offering other services related to medical subpoenas. JB Florida’s process servers are often in medical facilities and can serve your subpoenas in any hospital throughout the state especially in Marion and Citrus county where we are located. JB Florida Process Service has worked in the hospital setting in the Radiology department for over 20 years and know the way around all hospitals.

Although we cannot offer legal advice in any cases, JB Florida Process Service will fill out your eviction forms for an additional fee. This can be advantageous for out-of-state law firms, landlords, and others for whom filling out these forms will be a slow and laborious process.

Florida Process Service

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